Thursday, March 30, 2017

Personal Projects

Here are two projects I have had completed for forever, but life happened and I never shared them on here! Better late than never...

The first one I actually started right before Alan Rickman passed away. I had just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books, and I re-watched all the movies and was in total Harry Potter world. This project is relatively small - only a 6" x 6" canvas board. I didn't have a doe chippie, so I removed the antlers off of a buck chippie I had (sorry Bambi!) I then heat embossed the chippie with silver embossing powder. The flower quilling is really fun for me as you know - so I made a ton of those out of white copy paper and colored them with various glimmer mists. I used Prima's crackle stencil and modeling paste on the background and sprayed with glimmer mists. This is another piece that I'll add to my wall! Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, I hope you like it!

The second project is another one I did for myself. This all started with the "The best day ever" chippie. As soon as I got that, I knew what I wanted to do with it.

Now, almost 10 years ago when I married my husband, I thought that was a pretty good day. But the Best Day Ever was when Makayla was born - hands down.  A friend of mine came over when Makayla was 8 days old and did her newborn photo shoot (she's amazing) and I had tons and tons of gorgeous pictures to decorate the house with and to put in albums etc.

Example: 1. Tiny, gorgeous baby child.

I had a black and white photo from the shoot I knew I wanted to do something with, so I grabbed an 8"x10" canvas and went to town! 

This little beaut is hanging on the wall next to my computer, and it shall stay there as long as my mother doesn't try to steal it from me!! :-D 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my projects. I hope you enjoyed them!

aka TMCL

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