Friday, April 29, 2016

Paint Palette

Two posts in one day?! What is happening!? As stated in my last post, the Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints are just a blast to play with. The different effects you can achieve depending on whether or not you use black or white gesso to prime your surface with are limitless! I really enjoy working with the black gesso at the moment.

Here is a paint palette I finished last night.

Just like the art journal covers, I used only Opal Magics and Lindy's sprays. I had actually started working on this palette a while back, but got distracted with other new pretty things in various kits and stores and such. At the moment, I am quite happy that I waited to work on it until now since I have the paints!

The cameo jewels were purchased for this project specifically when I first bought the palette because I just absolutely loved them even if I wasn't sure what the rest of it was going to look like! The flowers in the cluster are random Prima flowers from my stash, and the cross in the center is actually from a Halloween costume many, many moons ago that I just held on to.

This time painting I panicked a little more than with the art journal covers. I didn't like what the paint job turned into! I shall sing the praises of mixed media again - the mistakes made it better! I dry brushed over the parts I didn't like with a small amount of black gesso to blend it all together a little more, and then sprayed (like a mica maniac) the Lindy's all over until I was pleased.

I hope you like it! This is definitely going to be going on my wall.

That's all for now. Happy crafting!

aka TMCL

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