Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fabric Covered Composition Book

So the fair went smoothly, but due to poor weather conditions, there wasn't as good of a turn out as expected. I was approached by a very nice woman who asked me to make her a very simple wedding guest book. She even supplied the composition book and the fabric she wanted me to use!

Of course, since I had never done something like this before, I had to have a trial run. I started out with chipboard I cut down to 5/8 inch bigger than the cover. (1/4" on the outside long edge.) I also cut out a 3/8" strip to act as the spine.

Then I used my handy FabriTac to adhere the chipboard to a piece of quilt batting and trimmed off the excess edges. 

Now, I'm not a the type of person to iron - ever. So, I had to get tricky with my fabric to remove the creases from being folded up. I sprayed the creases with some water, then went over it all with my heat gun while pulling the fabric flat.

After the fabric was straight and dry, I adhered it to the chipboard cover. Then I glued the composition book down. I had to align the spines and then lay the covers down to the chipboard. (Of course I decided that I wanted to have a ribbon tie closure so I wanted to attach some ribbon to the chipboard under the composition book covers.) After a few moments I opened and closed the book and let it settle in right with the glue (which is when I snuck in the ribbon!!) :) 

Finally, I added some black paper to cover the inside covers and give it more of a finished look. (See!! There's the ribbon finally attached!)

Last but not least, I embellished the front!

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, and I feel this would make a good gift project for many people. I definitely see myself making more in the future!

Hope you enjoy :)

aka TMCL