Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flying Unicorn April Kit

New month means new kit from Flying Unicorn! Naturally, I had to get it..

Last May I had been taking Makayla to the pool quite a bit and I captured that darling picture of her in her little floatie. I just hadn't found the right things to use to display it the way I wanted. Since the Mixed Art add-on always comes with a canvas (I'm obsessed with working with them) I snagged it and an assortment of other items from the kit and Add-Ons. 

I ran out of light to take a good picture! :(

I used the included Lindy's Starburst Creme Burlee Cream, Lindy's Moon Shadow Mist Buccaneer Bay Blue, 13 @rts Mist Chalk Indigo to create the background and the colors on the frame. The Monsieur Charles paper added the touch of lightness to the background that I wanted and the flowers worked very nicely!

I used only a fraction of what came in the kit, and can't wait to create more!

aka TMCL


  1. very awesome project!! Enjoy blogging girl.

  2. Another great project!! Of course with the subject in your picture you just almost can't go wrong ;-)